Why Don’t I see the Upsell/Success Messages in the Cart?

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Here are the most common reasons why you don’t see any success/upsell messages in the cart.

  1.  You have no Active Campaigns.
    Solution: Go to Campaigns and activate the needed ones
  2. You have changed your theme and have not patched it after.
    Solution: Go to Settings and Click Patch Theme
  3. You Are Running Entire Order Campaign.
    Once you’ve chosen to run 1 Entire Order campaign for any product in the cart we can’t determine the product to show the success/upsell messages for in the cart.
    The discount will apply for any product in the cart but w/o specific upsell/success messages displayed.
  4. Other.
    Solution: Feel free to contact us by email: support@mamuta.com and we will help you to fix any issue within 24 hours.